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Workout 1:  Stadium Stair Climb or Hill Climbing (1 time this week)
10 sets of stair climbing (up and down is 1 set) at jogging pace with little to no rest in between
Modification: walk

Workout 2: Upper Body Strength & Endurance Workout (1-2 times this week)
Do following series 3-5 times –
100M run/walk/jog
10-20 push-ups
100M run
15-20 squats
100M run
10-15 lunges on each side
100M run
2 minute rest

Mindy’s Tip:  Do this with a partner for support!  This is a great workout to enjoy outside, but it can also be done at the gym.  Don’t worry if your “run” is a jog or walk at first … perform at your level!  It’ll eventually get easier!

Workout 3: Running (1-2 times this week)
5 minute warm up
3 minute run
2 min walk
4 min run
3 min walk
4 min run
3 min walk
3 min run
2 min walk
5 min cool down

Mindy’s Tip: Looking to pump it up a bit? Increase your run time and decrease your walking time.  Even more? Replace the walking with sprint intervals (30-60 seconds each).

Be sure to take a day for REST!  And, always STRETCH!