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Graham Spanier Charged in Sandusky Scandal Cover-up

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New charges against three Penn State administrators accused of working together to cover up the sexual abuses of Jerry Sandusky. The Attorney General claims former President Graham Spanier and two other administrators, Tim Curley and Gary Schultz, worked together to make sure the scandal never made it public.

Curley and Schultz are set once again to enter District Justice William Wenner’s office in Dauphin County to face arraignment on six new charges including conspiracy. The newest man arrested is former Penn State President Graham Spanier. The Attorney General says the three men worked together to cover up the wrongdoings which lead to the assault of at least four more boys.

Shocking new allegations against three Penn State administrators accused of covering up the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal.

“[These are] Three men who used their positions at Penn State to conceal and cover up for years the activities of a known child predator,” said Attorney General Linda Kelly.

The newest charges lobbied against former Penn State President Graham Spanier who now faces eight charges in all including conspiracy and perjury. Administrators Tim Curley and Gary Schultz face six new charges. The Attorney General claims all three men knowingly kept this a secret.

“This was not a mistake by these men. It was not an oversight. It was not a misjudgment on their part. This was a conspiracy of silence by top officials, working to actively conceal the truth,” Kelly said.

According to the AG, Gary Schultz kept a secret file on Sandusky which had information about abuses in 1998 and 2001. In emails, the three men talked about Sandusky and his abuses and how to keep them secret.

“The one fact that you will find lacking is any concern, or even discussion, about the children (who) were victimized or any other children that could have been victimized,” said Kelly.

“In order for them to get some sort of closure and feeling as if they are healing they need those people to be accountable,” said Ben Andreozzi, attorney for Victim four.

The three men have denied any wrongdoing from the outset. Spanier’s attorney believes the Attorney General is simply working as a puppet for Governor Tom Corbett.

“This presentment is a politically motivated frame-up of an innocent man. And if these charges ever come to trial, we will prove it,” said Spanier’s attorney Timothy Lewis.

Curley and Schultz are set to be arraigned on the new charges they are facing. That will happen later this afternoon at 2 pm. These new charges are separate from the two accusations they are already facing and set to go trial on in January.

As for Spanier, he faces arraignment that is scheduled for next Wednesday. Spanier is facing up to 40 years in prison and over $75,000 in fines if convicted if all of the sentences were to run consecutively.