Juggling our workouts and work!

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The word of the week: JUGGLING! Kiersten, Mike, Chris and I were exhausted most of the week after working 12 hour days because of Hurricane Sandy and several other big stories this week. When I was done with the show on Monday I was soooooo tired, but Kiersten and I had made a plan to hit the gym and we stuck to it! We even tried Kickboxing later in the week – both of us are so sore because of it.

The hardest part of me this week was eating healthy – the hotel room service doesn’t necessarily have the healthiest options so I stocked up on greek yogurt, plain popcorn, fruits, veggies and grilled chicken breast.

Moral of the story – plan, plan, plan. If it wasn’t for planning I definitely would not have eaten as healthy as I did. And, JUST DO IT! All four of us could have come up with a thousand different excuses as to why we couldn’t work out, but as our trainers have told us, you just have to get up and do it. And, in all honestly, I know I felt horrible and exhausted when walking into the gym, but I felt great by the time I was done with the workout. Talk to you next week!