Week 3: Getting others ‘Fit’

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Some times this job gives me the chance to do some things that are pretty cool. That is the way I looked at the “Get Fit” challenge. What a way to inspire myself to get moving. I am putting my trials and tribulations on the big screen for everyone to see and make fun of. In the process of working with Mindy and Phases Fitness these first couple of weeks, I have lost a few pounds (2.6 lbs. so far) and feel much stronger.

But the workouts have not only been good for me, but my wife and my family as well. Jamie and I have completed several of the workouts together and she has enjoyed (I say that for as much as you can enjoy putting yourself through voluntary torture) the different ideas and challenges. It is also another example my wife and I can set for our kids to provide them with a healthy upbringing.

With this mind, I extend the challenge to you or anyone who might want to make this journey to the “Get Fit” world with me. Below is the workout for the week and of course you can always add in some of the things we have done over the first four weeks. The biggest thing, remember to have fun and enjoy making yourself healthier and happier.

Have a great week and let me know if you are up for the challenge.

***Do the following 1-2 times this week;
Run ¼ Mile
Immediately perform 25 Plyo-metric Push Ups (Hand Clapping) or reg. push-ups
Run ¼ Mile
Immediately perform 25 Squat Jumps
Run ¼ Mile
Immediately perform 25 Tuck Jumps
Run ¼ Mile
Immediately perform 25 (total) Lunge Jumps
Run ¼ Mile
Immediately Perform 25 Burpees
Run ¼ Mile
Immediately perform (4) 40 Yard Sprints (20) second rest between sprints

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