Girl Gets Teen To Share Disturbing Secrets In Anonymous Photo Project

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A Dauphin county girl is getting teens to share their deepest secrets through an anonymous photo project . Some of them are shocking confessions about their parents, friends, and themselves. Hershey High School student Alex Shapiro says after she requested “secrets” on Facebook, about 75 students showed up to her house to share their deepest thoughts. She promised they would remain anonymous and put them all together in the film, “Got a Secret, Can You Keep it? ” She started this project as a way to build empathy among teens , and to give them a platform to get things off of their chest.

” I think people started treating each other with more empathy because they weren`t sure if they were talking to one of the faces hiding in the videos so you kind of have to be nice to everyone. You know, maybe this person is dealing with something really hard,” says Shapiro

Alex made two versions of the video and hopes to spread the practice of sharing secrets. Watch the videos here:

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