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Deadly early morning shootout in York City

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YORK CITY, York County— A shootout in York City leaves a path of destruction in its wake along Route 30. The gunfight happened at the Veteran’s Political Association off Route 30.

Officers from York City and West Manchester Township were shot at and returned fire when they got to the scene. Juan Bonilla Jr., 21 of York City, was killed.

State Police issued a statement about the incident that reads in part:

“Several gun shots were fired inside of the VPA which caused the crowd to mass exit out of the front door. While the crowd was in the parking lot of the VPA numerous other gun shots were fired.”

A stray bullet from the shootout was able to make it about a football field away into the plate glass window of the Subway Restaurant nearby.

It’s the second weekend in a row someone was shot and killed along this stretch of Route 30. Last Saturday, 25-year old Christen Edward Latham of Harrisburg was shot and killed outside MoMo’s Restaurant, less than a mile away.

State Police are investigating but at this point no arrests have been made.

An autopsy will be performed on Bonilla’s body to determine the cause of death on Monday.