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First Day of Deer Rifle Season; PA Game Commission Collecting Samples for CWD

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READING TOWNSHIP, ADAMS COUNTY – Deer Rifle Season has finally begun.  However for hunters who live in certain areas within York and Adams Counties, yearly routines will be a little different this year.  In Reading Township, Adams County, the PA Game Commission has set up a two week checkpoint to collect deer samples.

Hunters who killed deer with a designated 600 square mile disease management (DMA) in York and Adams Counties were reported to the station where lymph nodes and brain stem samples were taken.  The samples will be sent to the Department of Agriculture and results are expected within four to six weeks.  Hunters will be mailed notification letters.

“I hope it don’t go no farther than what they found cause I mean what I heard from other states if they do find it and I don’t like the results,” said Frank McCollum, York Springs.  “What it does to the herd, because it could decimate the herd and I don’t want that for my boys because I want them to be able to enjoy hunting for a long time to come.”

The PA Game Commission would like to collect samples from more than 400 deer.  The checkpoint is open Monday through Saturday from 8am-8pm both this week and next.  If test results are positive, the commission says it will reevaluate current restrictions.