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PennDOT Prepares for Season’s First Snowfall in Central PA

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Forecasts call for anywhere from one to three inches of show across Central Pennsylvania starting early Tuesday morning.

Monday, PennDOT crews were hard at work, filling salt trucks and pre-treating major highways in the Harrisburg area, like 81 and 83, with a salt-brine solution.

“That will allow us to have some of a salt residue on the roadways when the storm rolls in in the early morning,” said Michael Crochunis, PennDOT Spokesman. “And that involves the limited access highways, the interstates within the Capitol region.”

The storm isn’t expected to be a major threat, but even light snowfall could create issues during the 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. rush hour.

“Don’t underestimate it,” Crochunis said. “Any road that looks like it’s wet could be frozen, especially if you’re traveling on a roadway that’s over an overpass, a bridge, interstate ramps, anything that doesn’t have ground underneath it.”

Drivers FOX43 spoke to said they’re not concerned about a few inches of snow.

“Snow, I will drive in it. You just drive a little slower. You brake slowly before you get to turning. Drive a little slower, it’s okay,” said Stephen Cooper of Lancaster.

Karen Vogel is hoping schools will delay if there is bad weather, for the sake of her daughter, a new driver.

“I’m hoping that there is going to be a delay, which would be great,” she said. “Because she’s 16 and she drives to school in the morning and I’d rather her not have to drive in bad weather.”

Some PennDOT crews are reporting to work Tuesday at midnight, while the majority of workers will come in at 4 a.m., just a few hours before rush hour.