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Teaching Children To Hunt Safely

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It’s important when you take children hunting to teach them about supervision.  Supervision is also extremely important. Kids can hunt at any age with a trained hunting mentor. kids ages 12-16 must take a hunting safety course for a Junior Hunting License. Supervision is required in both cases. Here are some more tips:

1: Make sure your safety is always on and that the barrel is pointing down when you are walking with or transporting your gun.

2: Make sure that you are certain of your target before you take your shot. That is, make sure that you are shooting at an animal and not a human and that there are no people anywhere near the animal you are shooting at.

3: Wear the required amount of orange so that you don’t become another hunter’s target. Wear a brightly colored hat so that you will not be mistaken for a target.

4: If you are using a tree stand to hunt, don’t forget to wear a safety harness from the second your feet leave the ground.

5: Make sure children know how everything operates before use. Safety requires that you ask questions and have practice sessions before you put any new equipment or techniques to work.

For more tips, safety information, how to register for a license and to find safety courses with the Game Commission: click here