$500 million at stake with record Powerball drawing

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It’s time to dream big, the Powerball jackpot stands at $500 million dollars.  The second biggest jackpot in lottery history is expected to grow even larger before tonight’s drawing.

The odds of winning are not good standing at 1 in 175 million.  In fact, a person is 50 times more likely to be hit by lightning and 17 times more likely to get hit with airplane parts from the sky, then win the jackpot.  Still, people are dreaming big hoping if they play here, Powerball will pay here.

Millions across the U.S. and right here in Central Pennsylvania are catching lottery fever.

“This is obviously the winning ticket,” said player Dan Kinney.

“Oh, I think it’s just a thrill and the excitement of having the possibility of even winning,” said player Robert Armstrong.

The Powerball jackpot stands at $500 million.  The drawing is tonight.  People lined up at Colonial News in Manor Township, Lancaster County are trying to get their hands on history for themselves and for others.

“I would start a foundation for people you could help them and they could repay the money. {It would be} kind of like a pay it forward type thing,” said Roxann Delmonto, owner of Colonial News.

No winner since October 6 has added up to the record setting jackpot.  It’s the second biggest jackpot in lottery history behind last spring’s $656 million Mega Millions drawing.

“Definitely quick pick, sign your ticket and keep dreaming big because ‘hey, ya nevah know!'” said Yolanda Vega of the New York Lottery.

With 42 states and the District of Columbia playing Powerball, ticket sales are expected to be brisk today.  In fact, ticket sales are expected to hit about 6.2 million tickets per hour.  The day of a big drawing nets about 60 percent of ticket sales for the jackpot drawing and that’s why lottery officials believe the $500 million number will grow even higher.  That jackpot has caused everyone to dreamer big.

“I’m going to the Bahamas, and I’m going to enjoy myself on the island. I don’t know about nobody else,” said one Powerball player.

“Donate to some of the charities.  When you see people like KMart, Walmart and you can pick out who has money and who don’t and just kind of surprise them,” said Sharon Hoffmeir from Mountville.

Ticket sales will continue until tonight with the drawing taking place at 10:59 pm.  The buy in is $2.  There is an estimated 60 percent chance there will be a winner tonight.  That winner could would walk away with about $325 million in cash if they take the payout.

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