Palmyra Woman Missing for Nearly 4 Months; Kortne Stouffer’s Family Copes with Holidays

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It’s been nearly four months since 21-year-old Kortne Stouffer disappeared from her Palmyra home.  To date, Kortne’s family and friends are still doing all they can to find her and bring her home.  The holidays however are making the pain they feel almost unbearable.

“Thanksgiving was terrible,” said Wendy Stouffer, Kortne Stouffer’s mother.  “She has never in 21 years missed a Thanksgiving with her family.”

On Wednesday instead of eating lunch with her daughter, as she did most Wednesdays before that day in July, Wendy Stouffer filled that time hanging pictures of her daughter and sprucing up a memorial that sits in front of Kortne’s apartment.

“If there`s a sign that`s torn down or weathered, I replace it,” said Stouffer.  “I spend a couple hours every couple of days just re-hanging the flyers, stopping in at businesses, putting up posters, handing out flyers.  I`m just doing whatever I can to keep her face out there and get her home.”

Signs of Stouffer’s disappearance can still be seen at her home as caution tape lines several banisters.  The investigation continues as Wendy prepares her heart for the possibility of spending another holiday without her child.

“I can`t even imagine Christmas without her with us,” Stouffer.  “So I`m gonna do whatever I can and I`m not giving up. I will not give up until the day I die.”

The family is currently offering a $42,000 reward.  Bumper/Window stickers bearing Kortne’s picture and contact information for anyone with tips can be purchased from Blose in Campbelltown.  Yard signs can be purchased from Boyers in Palmyra.


  • Seth Buck

    I cannot imagine at all, how Kortne's family can begin to grasp the situation and live in this horrific nightmare that has become a living reality to them, and everyone else. But one thing that sticks out in my head, and keeps me optomistic and somwhat at ease for the Stouffer's is remembering and trusting Kortne's, up-beat, positive, free-spirited personality that spreads and grows on you just by her presence.. That is what I KNOW is keeping her family's hope and faith up high, and driving them to not give up.. It's also the sole reason that I can wake up and accept everyday for what it is, to keep my faith and hope in all the angels i've been blessed with in my life.. To be with her throughout this horror of an event.. and lift her up and hold her safely in under their wings <3

  • CJM

    I will add Kortne to our prayer list tonight, and ask our Blessed Mother to shelter this family under her protective mantel. Miracles do happen.

  • Reader

    Kudos to Fox43 for keeping this story in the news. Hopefully continued pressure from the community will motivate investigators to give Kortne's case due effort. A resolution would be comforting for her family AND would allow people in this area to either be reassured that this disappearance was limited to Kortne and is unlikely to happen again or allow them to take extra measures to protect themselves based on what investigators have learned.

  • passioniate

    I agree, There are no updated reports about Kortne's case you hear absolutely nothing and that makes me wonder if the FBI or State Police are even working on the case. I bet if it was one of there kids it would be plastered all over the media. I think that in order to keep Kortne's face out there that there needs to be reports keeping the community updated! My thoughts and prayers go out to the Stouffer family!

  • Chuck

    There’s nothing much more I can say that others have not, but my prayers go out to Kourtney’s family. I met her and her mother where I work and they were always nice to me. Every time I see Kourtney in a picture I have to pause and remember her. I prey for a positive conclusioh to this. God bless her and her family.

  • Chuck Becker Jr.

    I work at Redner’s in Fredericksburg and I noticed Kourtney’s pictures were taken down. Just wanted to put that out there because every little bit helps. You never know who may stop in there and see her and know somthing. If I find somthing to hang back up I will. But as of now there’s nothing.

  • Reader

    Bring This Girl Home! The authorities really need to step up and start doing something. Seems to me that they have been dragging their feet the whole time! If they would have gone back that night to her apartment in a timely fashion maybe this never would have happened!

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