Powerball Soars to $550 Million as People Rush to Buy Tickets

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Numbers for Wednesday, November 28, 2012

5  23  16  22  29  powerball 6

Wednesday afternoon the Powerball soared to $550 million.This after Americans across the county went on a ticket buying spree. With the odds not in your favor, the chances of winning about 1 in 175 million, people we met Wednesday night still like to dream. No matter who we asked, everyone said they have the winning ticket.

“ You get up go to work, everyday hustle and bustle, mainly takes care of the bills.You sort of need some funny money and that’s what I`m searching for I want to see what it`s like to be on the other side,” says Milt Baltimore of Harrisburg

Alicia Smith, waited until later in the night to buy her chance at the $550 million jackpot.

“I want everyone to try to buy all the losers so I can get the winner,”says Smith.

In Pennsylvania, much of the sales from lottery tickets goes to benefit older Pennsylvanians. If you do win, the Pennsylvania Lottery says to stay calm, sign the back of the ticket, and contact them as soon as possible.

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