Michigan teacher suspended for playing “gay” song

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A Michigan performing arts teacher has been suspended without pay for playing a song in class that supports same sex marriage.   Susan Johnson, a teacher at South Lyon Centennial middle school,  allowed one of her eighth grade students to play the song “same love” by rapper Ben Maclemore.  The song talks about stereotypes of a homosexual man from birth to death.  A student in class didn’t agree with the lyrics and complained.  Johnson was first suspended indefinitely without pay but it later changed to three days.


  • trace

    She is such an ass!!!!! She is supposed to be a role model and teach these little children right from wrong. And if you are a true Christian and accept Jesus Christ as your Savior, you will agree that it began with Adam & Eve. Sorry if that offends anyone, but it's about time us Christians stand up for our Christian pride. We have just as much right to stand up for what we believe in as well!!!! Don't be ashamed of him and he will not be ashamed of you!!!

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