Steelers and Ravens Post-Game Reaction

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The Ravens have been dominant on their home field, winning their last 15 games, until Sunday when the Steelers won a classic.  For Pittsburgh, the game was about being resilient, for the Ravens, it was about missed opportunities.

Matt Birk, Ravens Center, “It was about missed opportunities.  We know that we can play with anybody, beat anybody when we take the field.  We expect to win, we didn’t do that, obviously.”

Vonta Leach, Ravens Fullback adds,  “Yeah of course you can say missed opportunity.  We had a lot of chances to put the nail in the coffin but hey thats football.  Especially when you are playing a division opponent and playing your rival.”

Anquan Boldin, Ravens Receiver, feels Baltimore will be OK, “I know what this team is all about.  A loss doesn’t change who we are.  We will still win the AFC North and be a team to be reckoned with in the playoffs.”

As for the Steelers, they are feeling good about their victory, Heath Miller, Steelers Tight End says, “They are a really good team and they are really good at home so its important for us to get a win in the division on the road.  I think we can take this win and build off it.”

Emmanuel Sanders, Steelers Receiver, says one word sums up the win, “Resilient, resilient.  This journey has been tough, but this journey has also hardened us up.  We are just trying to make it into the tournament, the playoffs and go from there.”

Jonathan Dwyer, Steelers RB, echoes those comments.  “This is just the start of it, we have to keep going.  This is just the start of it, we have to keep going, we’ll be alright.”

Next week, the Ravens face the Redskins in DC and the Steelers host the Chargers.

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