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Gun sales are skyrocketing

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gunRecord breaking gun sales are being reported across the country.  There are a few reasons for this; many shop owners say people are worried about stricter gun laws.

And, in the northeast, sales seem to be booming because people want to protect themselves from looting after Superstorm Sandy.

 On Black Friday, the FBI fielded almost 155,000 calls for background checks, compared to the previous record of about 129,000.

 The FBI says call centers even experienced brief black outs, and had to stop taking calls.

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  • Tim Wilson

    These guns laws they make only hurt the good guys,no matter what happens if you have the money you can get what you want.Perhaps they should start looking at banding car sales after all automobiles kill more people every year then guns do…………………..

  • Derek

    It's really very simple. Guns, knives, bombs, and rope do not take lives. People kill other people, period. Gun control laws are like blaming incorrect spelling on your pencil, makes no sense. Firearm sports can be a family hobby just like skiing. It's all about responsibilty and training when it comes to guns.

  • Roger

    Come on, just say it ! Sales have picked up as a result of us having a communist elected for a second term.We all know what he will do to the Supreme Court in the next few years.

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