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Protestors speak out over Fairview Twp police chief’s firing

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In York County, a standing room only crowd at Fairview Township’s board of supervisors’ meeting Tuesday night. Several dozen people came out to protest the recent firing of Police Chief Scott Hockenberry.

“I’m hoping we pack that board room so much, they can’t even squeeze us all in,” said Kristie Corcovelos, a friend of Hockenberry’s.

That’s exactly what happened, as person after person blasted the township supervisors, who refused to discuss why Hockenberry was fired on November 8th.

Township Solicitor David Jones would only say the board received a complaint about the police department, which was investigated.

“As with any termination of a public employee, such matters are exempt from public discussion under the Pennsylvania sunshine law for the protection of all parties concerned,” Jones said. “The township will not release any further information on this matter.”

Hockenberry’s friends believe his firing has to do with a photo taken of him next to a topless woman while he was on vacation in September. They said the board’s action was extreme.

“Give him a reasonable punishment. But to just fire right away, to not even let the community come out and speak their mind. I think it’s totally unfair,” said Corcovelos.

Added Doug Klinger, “It just seems with that quick of a reaction, overreaction I should say, really seemed like, just somebody wanted to get rid of him.”

Despite the huge show of support, Hockenberry, who was appointed chief in April after nine years with the department, does not have his job back. But in answering a question from the crowd, Jones said legally, any decision the board makes can be reversed.