York City School Students have Safe Walking Routes with Several Businesses Volunteering as Safe Havens

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Walking to and from York City Schools is now safer.  A safe walking corridor created by the district, which highlights suggested routes, was recently unveiled.  The “Go Safe” Walking Routes bypass Market Street, instead including less traveled roads such as Newbury and Philadelphia Streets.  The routes also avoid areas with high crime rates.

“We actually had always looked to do it and wished to be able to do something like it to resolve some of the issues we were seeing and facing,” said Michael Muldrow, York City School District Safety and Security Manager.

Issues the district has faced in the past include attempted abductions as well as robberies.  The York City Police department has placed “Go Safe” decals on their vehicles, making a verbal commitment to patrol the suggested routes before and after school.  About 40 businesses that sit along the routes are also lending a helping hand, serving as safe havens where students can go if they need help.

“We see a lot of kids walk up and down from here from Parkway Blvd, from central school district,” said Edward Rosario, Rodney’s Auto Repair & Sales.  “So it’s a safe environment. We out here until 5:30. So it prevents the kids from getting robbed, mugged, fights. Anything to help the kids in the neighborhood, no problem.”

“It gives them an opportunity to say you know whether I know them or not I have a friend, close in a time of need,” said Brandon Marquette, Marquette Group, Lots of Love.

More safe haven volunteers are needed.  If you are interested please contact the York City School District.

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