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Staying Connected with Soldiers During the Holidays

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Coming home for the holidays isn’t always a possibility for soldiers serving our country.  Lt. Margret Lindley is currently stationed in Alaska and turns to technology to stay connected with her family.  In a special holiday greeting that is set to air on FOX43 on December 9th, Lt. Lindley wishes her grandparents and uncle a Merry Christmas.  It’s a welcomed sight for the family members who haven’t seen their loved one in quite some time.

“It was so wonderful to see my niece,” said Father William Forrey, St. Patrick Parish.  “It has been a while since I have seen her and I am just so very proud of her.”

Lt. Lindley serves as an Air Force Nurse.  It’s a job that keeps her away from her family during special holidays.  However, while her family misses her, they are elated that she is doing what she loves and proud that she is serving her country.

“She adds a lot of vigor and energy to whatever we do so we miss having that around,” said William Forrey, Lt. Lindley’s grandfather.

“She has often volunteered to work during the holidays to let other people who have families, she’s not married, to be with their families,” said Dorothy Forrey, Lt. Lindley’s grandmother.  “So, I know that whatever she’s doing Margret is happy and she’s delighted to be doing what I believe the Lord called her to do.”

Lt. Lindley will be promoted to Captain in March.  Her family plans to visit her in Alaska next year.

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  • Donald Bruno

    Wishing for a wonderful Christmas to you and your family….Thanking you soo much for your service and dedication ,,,you make all americans proud. The best wishes to you for the coming holiday season . Thank you for your service to the country.

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