Gas prices plummet

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gas pricesSome good news on the economic horizon as gas prices continue to fall.  According to the Lundberg survey released yesterday, gas prices are down nearly a dime from over the past three weeks.  This news comes at an uncertain economic time, as negotiations over the fiscal cliff continue with just three weeks until the deadline.

The average national price of a gallon of gas stands at $3.38.  The average price in Pennsylvania is just a few cents higher, standing at $3.40.  Shrinking demand and a return to normal refining after Superstorm Sandy is to blame for the dropping prices.

The best news of all, many experts believe the price of gas will continue to fall as the holiday approaches.  Some experts believe prices could flirt with the $3 a gallon amount over the next several weeks.

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  • Levi

    these gas prices arer the result of the oil company cutting thier losses, taking a hit, and just saying let this stuff go cheap and we will make the profit up later. If you dont know what is going on than the real story is the oil companies can't deliever thier good through San diego ports because workers are on strike,stopping shippments and cargo trucks. instead of the oil industry loosing billions of dollars to desil, it will just maKE IT UP IN 89 OCTAIN.

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