Get Fit blog Week 6: Avoiding a long winter’s nap

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GetFitI don’t know about you, but I struggle some times getting the energy and the motivation to work out in the winter.  Everything is more difficult.  In the nicer weather, you can go outside and do a series of workouts including running, plyos and even some weight training if you so desire.  But come the cold weather, the only real choice is the gym.  That was the case, until I started the “Get Fit” challenge.

This weekend was a perfect example of how mixing a few workouts together can get you the desired fitness and strength training you need, without having to leave your home.  Sunday, we were decorating our house and Christmas tree for the holidays.  Around 2 p.m., it was time for Sebastian’s nap.  The girls were going shopping so that meant I was stuck.  With a good football game playing, I wanted to work out but couldn’t get to the gym.  Thanks to Mindy and Phases Fitness, I went to my bags of tricks of drummed up a 45 minute workout which included strength training and plyos.  I was sweating and never even had to put on a pair of shoes.

Here was my workout:

1 minute: alternating froggers

1 minute burpees

30 sec. HOLD a squat (low)

30 sec. squat jumps

1 minute 2 feet plank side hops

30 sec. tuck jumps

30 sec. RECOVERY

Do this 3 times


Set 1:

Push-ups x 2 reps

Crunches  x 3 reps (these can be floor or swiss ball crunches)

Squats  x 4 reps

Set 2:

Push-ups x 4 reps

Crunches  x 6 reps

Squats  x 8 reps

Set 3:

Push-ups(x2) x 6 reps

Crunches (x3) x 9 reps

Squats (x4) x 12 reps

Set 4:

Push-ups(x2) x 8 reps

Crunches (x3) x 12 reps

Squats (x4) x 16 reps


Continue on in this manner until you reach:


Set 10:

Push-ups x 20 reps

Crunches  x 30 reps

Squats  x 40 reps

In all, I was sweating and working hard for about 50 minutes.  I was watching the football game and never even noticed the time flying by.  On a normal day, I would have been unable to get my workout done but with a little creativity and some will power, I kept to my regiment. 

I highly suggest keeping a few of these at home workouts in your arsenal for those long winter’s day when you just can’t find a will or a way to the gym.

Have a great week and let’s “Get Fit.”

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