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Hit and Run Damages York Grocery Market

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A car slams into the side of a market in York this morning. The driver of the car then fled the scene. The York City Fire Chief says a man hit a silver truck along Penn and West Mason Streets in the city, then slammed into the side of Penn Grocery Market and then took off.

“ The speed limit here is 25 miles an hour, it’s wet out you have  leaves, you just have to slow down,” says Chief Larry Shroyer, York City Fire Department

ImageThe store suffering damage both inside and out. The store was closed for some time but reopened for business Tuesday morning.

“To put a whole in the wall and drive away for awhile it is kind of surprising because of the amount of damage,” says Steven Buffington, York City Building

A store employee says this isn’t the first time a car slammed into their store. With people driving too fast down Penn Street but, he’ s glad no one was hurt.