Paying it Forward in Lititz, Lancaster County

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Through her work with Team 127, Kimberly Zimmerman helps families who are going through the process of adopting a child. Corey and Stephanie Kimble are one of those families.

“They’ve adopted two special needs orphans with Down syndrome from an institution in the Ukraine and they’re going back to rescue a little boy,” Zimmerman said.

Zimmerman shares the Kimbles’ heart for orphans, having adopted two sons in addition to her five biological children.

“I think it is our responsibility, those of us who can, to help others,” she said.

That’s why Zimmerman showed up at the Kimbles’ doorstep to surprise them with $200 from Pay it Forward.

The Kimbles brought home Yana, 5 and Mila, 4 in February. Both girls were living in Ukrainian institutions for special needs orphans. Yana also has a heart condition.

“Seeing a lot of the pictures of these children and some of the background stories, it was, it became an easy decision,” Corey Kimble said.

Yana and Mila have seamlessly adapted to their new family, and the Kimbles’ four biological children have welcomed them with open arms.

“We consider it a blessing for us to be able to add to our family that way,” Kimble said. “You can add to a family through biological means or adoptive means, so that was laid on our hearts and we pursued it.”

The Kimbles are in the process of trying to adopt a little boy suffering from hydrocephalus from the same orphanage where they adopted Yana.

To find out more about Team 127’s work to help orphans and their adoptive families, visit the group’s website here.