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Middletown Principal to Remain on the Job

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Middletown High School principal, Patrick Hruz, will be back on the job Friday despite being busted for DUI last month.  Lower Paxton Township Police say Hruz’s blood alcohol content was three times over the legal limit when he was stopped for erratic driving around midnight on November 10th .  He faces a summary offense.  Middletown Area School District superintendent, Lori Suski, says the district has taken unspecified disciplinary action against Hruz.

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  • lowerswat

    tell me that this isnt the episode of 3's company where theres some misunderstanding??? so, count drunkula gets to keep his job running the high school and having our kids in his care for 7.5 hours daily 5 days a week? was the district drinking from 3 mile islands outfall when they rendered this insidious decision? wheres the per-requisite module for cognitive thinking here? the school district has delusions of grandeur if they think he will be able to fulfill his job unadulterated. the district is breaching taxpayer fiduciary duty – next thing we'll hear is that the high school will be having jack daniels sponsor the prom.

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