CT Shooter Used Mom’s Guns

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The guns used in the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, were legally purchased by the shooters mother.

Adam Lanza, 20 years old, took three guns, all legally purchased and registered by his mother, Nancy Lanza, to the school and killed 26 people and himself.

Police found Lanza dead in a classroom along with two guns, a Glock and Sig Sauer; another gun, a Bushmaster, was found in his car.

Authorities say all three were registered to his mother, a kindergarten teacher at Sandy Hook, who was found dead at her home in Newtown.

Adam Lanza’s older brother Ryan, 24, has been taken in for questioning by police. They say he is not under arrest and is not considered a suspect.


  • Pete

    What a shame something like this has to happen. As usual, now the government is talking gun control again. Gun control is not going to prevent this type of thing. Maybe the lack of Spiritial Guidence and discipline has more to do with it. How about controling the violent computer and archade games.

    • Mike

      Wow, gun control won't help but control on video games will? What world do you live in? Do you think this kid would have gone out and bought guns to do this if he didn't have access to 3 guns in his own home? As long as people continue to stupidly say guns aren't a problem we'll continue to be reminded that they are.

      • Angered

        GUNS ARE NOT THE PROBLEM!! PEOPLE ARE!!! Violence is plastered all over the TV and Internet….in video games! It is NOT the guns that kill people! Stopping the mass murdering of innocent, unborn children might put an end to the rest of this non-sense!

        • Angered

          And what about law abiding citizens like myself? Why take away a means of providing food for my family? Why would you take away MY right to defend myself??? You take away my guns, you just put them in the hands of the govt, which will in turn, put them in the hands of more murderous people! People have no morals anymore……stop and think about that….and why there is violence.

    • Jennifer

      2 semi automatics and a rifle in the home of a clearly troubled man. Yes. Gun control. No average citizen needs those guns. And then add that to mental illness, video games, reality tv. Guns are not innocent here.

    • J. Brad

      Religious beliefs have nothing to do with this. After all, the majority of recent violent acts are made by religious or mentally unstable people. The problem is a culture that romanticizes guns and violence (TV, games etc) and makes guns readily available. Forty percent of purchased guns are made with no background check. There is no need for semiautomatic/automatic, large clip, and assault style weapons! These must be banned! We the people need to stop romanticizing and treating weapons as "cool".
      People also need to stop being willfully ignorant! Nobody is going to take your right to own hunting rifles and handguns! Quit listening to the stupid right wing "media" and NRA. There is a constitutional amendment preventing this!
      It is time for people to smarten up…

    • heydrich

      It's always the dumb liberal parents fault . Here is a kid with mental problems mommy decides its a good idea to buy him guns to keep little adam happy , then when he wants something else liberal mommy say's no and the little mental patient goes nuts… then they{liberals} scream about gun control, and wanting to take our guns away… good luck with that, why dont you idiot parents not baby your mentaly defective childern and purchase them wepons so when they have a bad day kill inocent people. All of the recent shooters have come from liberal/ democrate house holds its true check it out.

      • a person

        Are we still onto partisan politics? I thought the election was over. Seriously, how can you be so trite as to label this 'the liberals' fault? Grow up.

    • Tom

      Yeah, imagine that. A perfectly good mother having guns in the home with her mentally unstable child getting shot with those guns.

  • Carlos

    No, gun control is not going to prevent this type of thing, thanks to the gun fanatics in this country who must have the right to military-grade weapons regardless of the cost to anyone else. Anyone who thinks that easy access to guns has nothing to do with our repeated experience of these incidents in this country is either in denial or a shill for the NRA.

    • From Dover

      A glock a handgun, so was the sig. the "military grade weapon" was found in the car. he used handguns. I am not a member of the NRA, and my AR-15 is no where near military grade.
      On a side note, just under 10,000 people were killed last year due to drunk driving, why are we not talking about getting rid of cars or alcahol. i guess you could say that those drunks want the right to cause carnage on the highways and city streets.
      There is an arguement to get rid of everything.there is also an equal arguement to save just about everything. before going all out on a gun ban, why not find out what this guys deal was. maybe then we will be able to figure out why this happened.
      Blaming a gun for murder is like blaming a fork for being fat.

      • Tammie

        I'm just curious… (Mostly because I have no experience with guns whatsoever, not because I'm judging) But why on earth would ANYONE need a semi-automatic weapon with more than 20 rounds of ammo? I get that some people feel safer with a gun in the house, but wouldn't a gun with 6 bullets produce the same result in the event that someone's house was broken into? (and I don't think you hunt with these things)

    • Beth

      Seriously Carlos?!?! Regardless of the cost to anyone else?? Easily accessible or not, this sick bastard would have gotten his filthy hands on a gun one way or the other. Guns are not responsible for all of these killings, people are responsible! If a person wants to go on a killing spree they can certainly accomplish that task with just about ANY weapon, not necessarily a gun(s). Taking the guns away from us "fanatics", as you call us, is not going to miraculously fix the problem and I find it offensive that you can sit on your high horse and place blame on us "fanatics" for this tragedy. A tragedy you have somehow in your small mind concluded is the fault of an inanimate object.

    • Sol

      Carlos, my house was broken into while I was sleeping..Not far from Newtown.. I wish I had a gun at that moment. Instead I was left defenseless. Teachers should carry guns.. and school administrators. Adam would have been been put down before he massacred so many.

      • A Person

        I hear you, but consider this story. My dad almost beaned my friend Mandy with a baseball bat when I was a kid. She had 'run away from home', and I had let her into the basement to sleep. She was 12 years old, and my dad thought an intruder was in the house. Luckily he did not own a gun! He got close enough to see it was just a young girl. I am glad you were not harmed, apparently anyway, and am just saying that I think more 'accidents' happen than true prevention of crime with a gun. That said, if one was positively sure of the circumstance that an intruder was in the house with no justification, go ahead and shoot away. It's just normally not that simple.

  • lemaniaindigo

    My question is this: This is a woman who would NOT have those types of guns in her home or even registered to her. This is so fishy to me. She knew he was mentally disturbed and would NOT have those guns available – especially that rifle. Seems odd they are blaming the dead mother and I really would like to see the proof that these guns were registered to her. JMHO

    • From Dover

      When did anyone say he was mentally unstable? why is a woman not aloud to have handguns for self defense purposes? and none is blaming the dead mother for her son going of the deep end.

    • Sol

      The children were born in NH.. different attitudes toward guns. Based on the husbands job, they led an affluent middle class life.. the guns were registered.

  • paul cassidy

    Some people should be institutionalized for the safety of society. Also, a person living with an unstable person in their household should be required to have their guns secure in order to possess them. Perhaps we all need to secure our weapons as a matter of responsibility. I do mine, in case you are wondering.

    • Sol

      Agree 100%.. mother was at fault for not securing guns. I would not be surprised that she had a gun safe and trigger locks… but allowed her son to have access.

      • pissed off american

        mother was a democrate and had no reason to own such wepons kept them for her mentaly defective son good thing he killed her first so she would not have to go to jail for raising an idiot if one of those liberal teachers at sandy hook school had a gun they could have stopped it before all those little kids would have been killed All teachers were killed because they ran to a gun fight with nothing but liberal good intentions, they could'nt save any children or themself and became targets….

        • A Person

          Perhaps, 'pissed off american', you could learn the fine art of punctuation so one could make sense of your rant?

  • just wondering

    Did anyone hear about the person in China that went in to a school and slashed a bunch of kids with a knife? When people are evil, they find ways to hurt others. Some people even kill with their bare hands.

  • argodan


    I am not USA, I don’ live in USA , I like USA

    Is TOTALLY CRAZY to sell war ‘ s gun to the people.

    For do what to shut bottles or play war games !??

    Defense ?!!

    This is DEMENZIALE !!!!!

    Trying to kill 28 people with a knife if you are able.

    • RobertJ

      How about killing 100 with a bomb? Who cares what method was used, murder is murder.
      With all due respect, you know nothing of our Constitution. Just because some lone nut decides to go on a rampage and kill 28, doesn't mean that the other 300,000,000 people in this country should have their rights trampled on or modified.

  • argodan

    The only positive thing in selling arms and wepons from easy war and grease the guts of wealthy manufactures with the complicity of the governments concerned.

  • Phyllis

    I want to know "when" the mom bought these weapons, how long she had owned them, and if there is PROOF that she actually bought them. Please, give us true and accurate accounting of this matter. I, personally, have trouble believing that his mother actually purchased these weapons!! She "could" have been killed to contradict the fact that the guns were hers! I can see where she might have owned a small handgun for her own protection, but all of these weapons…..give me a break!!!

  • Nancy

    If there is a finger to point other than to the idiot mom giving a mentally ill son access to guns. Point to the Supreme Court. They have closed the mental institutions and loosened the laws for the mentally ill to their own detriment as well as the publics. The mentally ill are not diagnosed properly and do not receive proper care. Where as there was a time they received poor help in the institutions we closed them only to leave most homeless. They are not made to take meds and when they become dangerous they are only kept for three days!!! As a mother of a mentally ill/brain injured/ drug addict I have been working for years to find the proper treatment for my only to find the best option for him at this point is prison…. Where of course he is further criminalized!!! Quit yelling gun control and put the resources in taking proper care of the mentally ill so they quit getting worse and worse!!!

  • Mary Ellen

    all guns should come with trigger locks and the keys kept somewhere where the kids can't get them. Handguns need trigger locks no matter what.

  • A Person

    9100 murders by gun in the USA in 2011. These deaths will add a mere 28 to the tally for 2012. The fact that it is children, and a mass shooting got people's attention but you need to look at the bigger problem. Canada had 58 gun murders in 2011. Adjusting for size of population, that would be 580 vs. 9,100. Americans are 15 times more likely to murder someone with a gun than Canadians are. Why is this? What possibly could be the explanation. Duh. Access to weaponry, and I mean guns meant for killing people. Semi-automatics, machine guns, you name it. And perhaps the glorification of violence to feed the military machine, the arms industry, the gun industry. Look for what sets the USA apart from all other western nations, because Canada's rates are higher than the UK, Germany etc.

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