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Oooh, that smell! Police follow their noses to pot bust in Wormleysburg

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Police weren’t looking to make a drug arrest on the night of December 7th. It just kind of fell into their laps, or nostrils, as it were. Officers were on the 300 block of South Front Street in Wormleysburg looking for someone related to an investigation. While they were there they picked up the odor of marijuana emanating from the home of Jessica Nicole Webster. Police knocked on Webster’s door and asked if she knew the person they were looking for. She did not, but after a brief conversation, Webster,24, admitted she was in possession of some Marijuana and some paraphernalia and turned it over to the Officers.

She was taken to Central Processing, booked and then released.


  • Tony

    Those cops better bust this person sitting in their own house burning a plant. Give me a break. Our society is backwards.

    Just leave this women alone. For shame.

  • Tabitha

    Isn t that entrapment??? They admitted they “knocked on her door” looking for someone else, and the only reason they knocked was cuz they smelled weed? They just wanted to bust someone cuz they cldn t find who they were looking for. What losers!!

  • deemoney

    I don't find this fair to Jessica AT ALL – however, she should've known her rights – there was no way for the police to find out about her possession if she wouldn't have told them. Her only obligation was to inform the police that she didn't know the person, shut her door and get on with her bong rips. Hopefully she finds a good enough lawyer to try and get her off of this bogus charge. I'm sure there was at least one drunk driver in Wormleysburg at the time that the police could've focused on – that's a much bigger offense than someone in their own RESIDENCE smoking a doob! It's just a matter of time before it's decriminalized! -Unbelievable!

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