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Principal and school psychologist were killed in Connecticut School Shooting

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The principal and a school psychologist were killed in Friday’s shooting at a Connecticut elementary school, according to a parent who was at the school during the incident. The vice principal was shot in the foot or the leg, said the eyewitness, who has a second-grader at the school.

-From CNN Digital Managing Editor Meredith Artley


  • Jessika

    How about reporting from a more credible source than an upset parent?!! What is happening to your journalism?! Pathetic

    • Your mom!

      Maybe they dont have a more reliable source. Its better than knowing nothing at all. people like you need to relax and watch the news later tonight. your pathetic……

    • Lets B. Pleasant

      It this kinda attitude that keeps spewing negativity into the world. "A parent at the school during the incident" and you call them pathetic? Why the negative. What is missing for you?

    • Teo

      Jessika was simply stating the "journalism" was pathetic. Not anything else. Jessika ( although harsh ) is not pathetic, sick, and there is nothing missing from her. Obviously folks this is a very horrific and tragic event in time, that is not to be disputed. Let's all just pray for the victims and there family.

  • guest

    Does it really matter at this moment? If you have kids, you need to get off the computer and hug them as tight as you can and let them know how much you love them. And if you don't have kids, maybe it wouldn't hurt if you tried to have some feelings for those parents that will be going through hell for the rest of their lives.
    Jesus, people. Is this what the younger generation produced? A bunch of cold-hearted hate-filled, nasty mouthed animals? No, REALLY! You should all be grateful that it wasn't YOU or one of YOUR family members. Tiny children…who had no realization of what hate even is in their lives, except maybe towards vegetables…and they are taken. Snuffed up by a psycopath…which by the way, probably started with the same hate level as you all spew towards each other. A bunch of haters still sitting here flinging their hate, and beautiful, happy children…gone. Where's the justice in that?

  • james Parker

    A psyco heavily armed by gun-crazed society only to validate the fact that the scenes of gunshot on campus has become a norm and a part of American DNA.

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