Police arrest suspect in Lancaster County home invasion

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Police arrested a man Saturday for a home invasion in Lancaster County that left three elderly Mennonite women in the hospital.

The women, ranging in ages from 84 to 90, were targeted because of their faith, police say.

It happened sometime between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m.  along the 300 block of Indiantown Road in Clay Township.

Investigators say that the suspect, who has previous ties to the Mennonite faith, posed as an insurance salesman to get into the home and proceeded to attack two women.

The suspect used a “stun gun” to  repeatedly shock the victims while he bound their feet and hands with tape, police said. Throughout the ordeal, the man read passages from the bible and expressed rage at members of the Mennonite faith, police said.

While this was going on, another elderly woman came to the door and was subsequently attacked and restrained in the same manner as the other victims.

During the assault, the suspect ransacked the home and poured household chemicals over the floor, furniture and walls, police said.

He got away with cash and other valuable items.

About four hours after the suspect fled the scene, the victims were discovered by a relative.

Police have not yet released the suspect’s name but say he is facing several felonies.


  • Joanna

    He also will presumably plead "insanity" for his crimes. And we the taxpayers will support him for the rest of his life in hospitals and/or prisons. Why not just take him to the town square and shoot him so we don't have to pay for his trial? Save us all a lot of money.

  • Realitycheck

    Another f'd up young adult male from the era of over medicated kids living in a politically correct society.

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