Central PA kids head back to school three days after the Sandy Hook Massacre

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It’s back to school for kids all across Central PA just three days after the tragic events of Newtown, Connecticut.  Parents and school leaders are trying to make sure those kids are safe and coping with everything that has unfolded.

Normalcy right now is the ultimate goal.  Experts recommend trying to keep a sense of routine and normalcy after a situation as horrific as Newtown.  School leaders in the Central York School District say they will review security measures and offer counseling as the young minds try and wrap their heads around one of the worst school shootings in American history.

“They`re going to be scared, worried,” said Dr. Lynn Taylor, Psychiatrist from Penn State Hershey Medical Center.

The images are forever burned in our minds as we watch the horrified faces of children who witnessed life changing events.  As kids across Central Pennsylvania head back to school, the focus shifts to coping with the tragedy and making sure this never happens again.

“As a parent and an educator this kind of news is horrible it brings up all kinds of emotions,” said Chris Adams, Assistant Superintendent of Hempfield School District.

School administrators from York to Harrisburg to Lancaster promise a thorough review of security measures.  Kid’s safety is the paramount issue and making them feel safe in their surroundings.

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“It’s important to respond to the questions they have they don`t need to be burdened with our concerns, fears, and just answer the questions that you already have,” said Dr. Taylor.

After witnessing some of these issues, many kids may have questions.  The feelings of insecurity may set in.  Experts warn parents to talk to with kids and try to make them feel at ease about going back to school.

“We will take care of them that teachers, principals, whoever is in place will take care of them at them safe they need reassurance,” said Dr. Taylor.

Experts tell parents to try and limit the amount of exposure kids have to the media coverage of these events.  Also, depending on the age of the child, they might have questions about the tragedy.  Be thorough but limit the amount of information and tailor it for the age group of the specific child.

Many districts are offering counseling for students with questions.  In a statement released by the Central York Superintendent Dr. Michael Snell, he says the district will review security measures at all of the schools to make sure they are doing everything they can to keep kids safe.


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    Your news article states that we should limited our children to the media coverage but you feel the need to do your news coverage in front of an elementary school. Some of these children have no idea what happened. You should do what your news article is telling the public to do. A bit disappointed in FOX43.

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