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Lancaster County Reverend Looks Back on Amish School House Shooting

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A tragedy like the Connecticut Elementary School Shooting can trigger memories of a school shooting in our area. Five girls were shot and killed in the Nickle Mines Amish School House in 2006.

Reverend Dr. Grover DeVault is a Chaplain for the Pennsylvania State Police. He counseled the first responders and families of the victims of the five girls shot and killed in the shooting.

” It`s an extraordinary event for them. They`re used to crises and dealing with death, but the death of  children, precipitate a painful experience,” says Rev. Dr. Grover

He says in order for the Newtown community to get back to any sense of normalcy they’re going to have to get back to their daily routines.

” It`s very important for them to continue in their own routine, especially for their siblings and other children to continue doing the same things they had been doing before, with words of encouragement.”

He also says the need to come together and rely on one another. The hardest question for them to deal with that may never be answered is why?


    • Melissa

      I don't understand how the connecticut school shooting brought all these gun bands on but yet when the amish died and were injured in this school shooting, it seems not to matter to the government? Why because their amish? It just pisses me off! And the gun bans their putting in effect still will not keep people from doing tradgedys like these. The reason why is because I bet at least 50% of people are in prison for crimes they didn't do. Their is no justice system in america. My family is a victim of the failed justice system.. But anyways, Its the psychos and depressed people who usually go out on rampages like this. They need to check your medical history before they decide on selling guns. I'm a country girl and if my ex didn't take my guns then i would have them. But i don't agree with children able to have guns at 10 or whatever age it is. It's irrisponsible and dangerous.

    • Melissa

      This is the second part of the first comment. The point is it's not the criminals so say that do these things it's the mentally screwed up people. And if they checked your medical history to see if your mental or depressed and taking drugs, then those people shouldn't be allowed to have guns. And one more thing it does not matter howmany rounds you have, 1 or 200. People will die if thats what the pscho intends to do. It also does not matter if you have a gun or not because anything can be used as a weapon.. Oh, and sorry i just meant write a comment but i guess im replying to yours. I agree with you.

  • michell

    I remember this story…broke my heart..the cruelest thing in the world..sending your child….and them not returning to a horror crime. Blessings to all.

  • michell

    Forgive my mistake……l mean for these children not to return home to their loved ones because of a horric crime.

  • michell

    I am a 44 yr old female who has had a registered pistol for 12 yrs..I was back ground checked..had to have two people vouch for me in writing and was finger printed. I love targetshooting and take gun safety seriously. I live in NJ..and am glad for their tough law gun permit law. So I believe I have all the right to say…enough is more assault rifles. Let’s background check who lives in other peoples home..let make it lawful you must buy a safe. These senseless killings must stop..our children can’t go to school or a movie or the mall. My heart breaks. Mentally Unbalanced people dont need excess to these machines. Use your safe fellow firearm owners. Be responcible!

    • Melissa

      A back ground check wont change a thing. We have to have one in michigan to even purchase a pistol. But that does not change the fact that psychos are still able to get them Like i said it does not matter if you have 1 bullet or 500, a killer is a killer and he or she will do as much damage as they can do before they get shot or caught. They could use knives or darts even or anything if thats the rampage their on. They need to do medical checks like i said. Their are alot of people in prison for crimes they didn't do and even people like me not able to get a job for something i didn't do and its been 7 yrs my life is still ruined. The real criminALS are living it up on crack and welfare.. They need to check medical records not backgrounds.


    michell; than you should know that ALL THE MASS SHOOTINGS happen in "gun free zones", malls theaters and schools where law abiding citizen's are not allowed to carry a weapon, now why is that???, guess crazy people know where to go , where they know no one with a gun will stop them, don't try to infringe on my constitutional right to own and bear arms., because of your weakness, 20,000 American's died in car crashes last year,including 600 children, do you want to ban big cars???ask yourself this question, " DO YOU BELIEVE THE SECOND AMENDMENT ,GUARANTEE'S AMERICAN CITIZEN'S THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT ,TO FIGHT BACK AGAINST AN OPPRESSIVE AND DICTATORIAL GOVERNMENT "??????????

    • Melissa

      I totally agree! I am neither democrat or republican. i just have common sense. You should read what i already posted. A killer is a killer and they dont need guns to kill.. Its not guns who kill people its people who kill people.

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