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Steven Breit on the future of gun laws

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  • John Pavoncello

    Where did you find this idiot? You should really get a true "EXPERT" regarding firearms and gun laws and not some analyst with an agenda.
    First off, the Second Amendment has NOTHING to do with hunting. The word HUNTING does not exist in the Bill of Rights. The Second Amendment was written with the full intention of allowing the citizens of this great country the ability to defend themselves against a tyrannical government. Period. Read the letters and briefs written by our Founding Fathers after signing the Bill of Rights and it's quite easy to understand, that they wanted the citizens to have the same weapons that the government has. Period.
    Second – ownership of "Assault Weapons" have been severely restricted since the National Firearms Act of 1934, The firearms you all call assault weapons are nothing of the such. True assault weapons are capable of full-auto fire, you pull the trigger and the gun fires until it runs out of bullets or you let go of the trigger. The firearms you refer to as assault weapons are semi-automatic meaning you have to pull the trigger for EACH ROUND FIRED. I emphasize that because the anti-gun folks like to make modern sporting rifles out to be machine guns.
    Lastly – exploding bullets? seriously???? This guy wouldn't know a semi-wadcutter from a boat tail. I've never heard such blatant misinformation as this broadcast. I'd expect this from CNN or MSNBC but not from FOX.

  • John Stein

    Where did you find this uneducated and complete LIAR?!?

    The 1994 AWB did not decrease crime. How can you call that “good legislation”? This man is a liar!

    Please tell me where he got info about “exploding bullets”?! Sensationalism and pure lies.

    Do some homework before you put a guy like that on the air.

  • Jason

    Fox 43 News I will now stop watching your news since u believe that Steven Breit ,an incompetent criminal defense lawyer of drunk drivers was truthful with anything that he said regarding "assault weapons". He flat out contrdicted himself when on one hand said that they "are designed to kill and maim" and then in the next breath stated "they are not design to protect people". What was said in the last two days by this guy is utterly False and an obvious attempt at yet another media outlet purposely getting the facts wrong to advance another gun control agenda. I am done with u idiots. This goes beyond MISLEADING people. Like another person said DO YOUR HOMEWORK ON THE SUBJECT, OR SHUT YOUR FREAKIN MOUTH!!! If Breit gets his wish and the unreasonable gun bans go into place, trust me York will be a bigger slum than it is now along with Lancaster, Harrisburg and everywhere the criminal sydicate is b/c CRIMINALS DO NOT LISTEN TO LAWS, THAT'S WHAT MAKES THEM CRIMINALS!!!!!!!! Sincerely,
    A citizen of PA WITH A BACKBONE!!!!

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