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Time to hit the weights!

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Here’s an interesting little piece of info we just got from our Phases Fitness trainers … your body can continue to burn fat up to two hours AFTER your weight training workout! 

So, you can probably guess what our workout plan will be for this week – WEIGHTS, WEIGHTS, WEIGHTS!  Here’s a few of the circuit training workouts we’ll be doing … hopefully you’ll join us! PS – We’ll also be doing yoga/pilates and at least 90 minutes of cardio this week. 

WORKOUT 1 (2-3 sets, 8-12 reps, :30 rest btwn sets)

  • Chest: dumbbell press
  • Legs: squats
  • Back: standing single leg cable row
  • Legs: step ups (on a box or step)
  • Shoulders: seated shoulder press
  • Legs: single leg squat

WORKOUT 2 (3-5 sets, 6-12 reps, :60 rest btwn sets)

  • Chest: flat dumbbell press
  • Legs: leg press
  • Back: lat pulldown
  • Legs: barbell squat
  • Shoulders: seated shoulder press
  • Legs: lunges