Mother leaves child unattended in Lancaster restaurant

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Evanisse Rivera-Melendez

Evanisse Rivera-Melendez

A Lancaster woman is  accused of leaving her 2 year old daughter unattended in the Subway restaurant on East King Street Monday afternoon. Evanisse Rivera Melendez, 28, of South Ann Street, left the child in a stroller while she went to the restroom. The girl was crying and distressed and was trying to climb out of the stroller. A police officer who was at the restaurant intervened to keep the girl in her stroller. He says there were about 10 other people in the Subway and none of them were with Rivera-Melendez or were asked to watch the child for her. Rivera-Melendez was gone for about five minutes.

She is charged with endangering the welfare of a child. After consulting with Children and Youth, the child was released to a family member. Rivera-Melendez was arraigned  and given $10,000 bail.


  • Bobbi

    what is wrong with people? someone could have walked off with that baby. Thanks to the caring cop who kept that child safe.

  • Mindy

    She should have been arrested! What the heck was going through her head leaving that baby alone! Does she realize how crazy people are and that she is damn lucky nobody took that child! What the cop should have done was walk somewhere with the baby and teach her ignorant self a lesson. Would have forced her to call cops then he could have arrested her for having her head up her butt! Stupid ignorant parents, if you can’t care for them right, ” DON’T HAVE THEM”…. Disgusted…

    • Tiffierii wiffier

      Please what child in a stroller is not crying or trying to get out. I don’t condone what the mother did, it is just as easy to take the child to the bathroom with her as to leave in stroller. But I think people are making the child out to be loss just because good forbid she has to stay in a stroller.

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