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mental illnessAn Idaho mom’s blog post on the day of the Connecticut school shooting has gone viral, sparking a national debate on what parents should do with children who have a mental illness.  The blog was titled, “I am Adam Lanza’s Mother”,  in reference to the school shooter.

The writer, Liza Long, goes on to explain how she is terrified of her own 13 year old son,  Michael (named changed for article),  who is mentally ill. She tells a story of how her son goes into fits of rages and has even grabbed a knife, threatening to kill her and himself.

Some have criticized her writing,  saying she is dehumanizing the mentally ill, but she says it was just a cry for help.
She adds that it is easy to talk about guns, but its time to talk about mental illness.

To read her entire blog post, check out:


  • Tabitha

    I read it, and there is nothing wrong with the article. I have an adhd child, and trust me, times can be very trying. He lacks normal communication skills. Because of his hyperness he doesn t have many friends. And yes, too often insurance companies are ridiculous. I fought with insurance every mth about my son s medication, until I had to go to extreme measures and have a lawyer threaten them. We know they will never be “normal”. I have done research til I couldn t think anymore. The truth is, Dr s need to take it more serious. We are not saying they are a danger to society. Most are not. But you have to admit, anyone in their right mind would not commit such a crime.

  • Bonnie

    The Insurance Companies need to be held accountable. I am currently in treatment for mental health issues. I can not believe how many patients care are either cut short or denied mental health care due to Insurance companies denying them help they so greatly need. This is where we need to concentrate on fixing, so that other individuals do not slip through the cracks. Shame on you, Insurance Companies, SHAME ON YOU!!!

  • carla

    The majority of people with mental illness are non-violent. Unresolved anger is more of a concern to me. People with issues that have not persued or received therapy to deal with loss, family dynamics or not feeling connected are at risk and often fall thru the cracks. Violent television, movies and video games often show unrealistic and unhealthy ways of dealing with frustration.

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