Former Police Officer Sentenced to 65 Years in Prison

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In Lancaster County, a former police officer is sentenced up to 65 years in prison for sexually abusing four girls.  Michael Archacki, who was also once a firefighter, used his position to gain the trust of girls, who were between 12 and 14 years old, before assaulting them during sleepovers at his home.


    • Beth

      Believe me when I tell you Lisa, this piece of trash should NEVER have been permitted to wear the uniform or badge of a firefighter OR a police officer! Hopefully he wil get EXACTLY what he deserves in prison for stealing the innocence of the young girls in our community.

      • Anonymous

        I agree! sadly i knew of this man through a friend of mine who's mom use to be married to him, im glad i never went over for sleepovers!

  • Potato Salad

    STFU – perhaps the 9,000 text messages exchanged between a grown man and a pre-pubescent little girl doesn't strike you as being guilty of a crime. Or perhaps to you, half naked photo's of young girls on his cell phone doesn't raise any suspicion in your own mind as to whether he is, in fact, a child molester. It appears to you that he is not guilty of being a pervert sicko after going to a 12 year old little girls house AFTER her parents told him to stay away with an 8' stuffed animal. The fact that a jury of his peers decided his guilt on every single count, 24, to be exact, and sentenced him the rest of his life in prison makes me glad that I, and I will quote you directly "you guys dont kno this guy at all so keep your comments to your self " makes me extremely happy that I don't know him. And also I am THRILLED with his sentencing so that he is not unable to ruin any more lives and steal more innocence.

  • Inmate #5398754

    We shall welcome this pervert excop with open arms and closed fists! Mozol Tov to the Jury for giving us this gift for the holidays.

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