Holiday Tipping; What Should You Give and How Much?

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With less than a week left before Christmas Day people across Central Pennsylvania are checking the last items off of their holiday to-do lists.  However one seasonal expectancy seems to stump people year after year: holiday tipping.  The questions are: who do you tip, what should you use as a tip, and how much do you tip?

Studies show a babysitter should receive an extra night’s pay.  A housekeeper should receive an extra week’s pay.  Newspaper delivery persons should receive $10 to $30.  Mail carriers on the other hand, cannot receive cash because they’re civil servants but they can accept gifts up to $20 in value.

FOX43 spoke with a Central PA hair stylist, personal trainer, and cleaning service to help you make last minute holiday decisions.

“Generally most of our customers tip their cleaners in cash,” said Dana Quesenberry, Maid to Perfection.  “We do have a lady who makes Christmas ornaments every year.  That’s always fun to see what ornaments she’s going to make.”

Gift cards and cash typically top the list.  However gifts from the heart, such as home baked cookies and bread as well as thank you cards seem to be cherished most.

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