No new taxes: Dauphin County votes on 2013 budget

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Some good news for people living in Dauphin County as their taxes will not go up next year.  The County Commissioners vote on a budget today that includes no rise in taxes.

It’s certainly a welcome relief for people living in Dauphin County.  For the eight straight year, taxes will not go up around the county.  In fact, the county commissioners are set to approve a budget today that would cut spending by about $3 million this upcoming year.

The three Dauphin County Commissioners are sending the $196 million spending plan forward for a vote this morning.  That number is $3 million less than the $199 million budget for 2012.  That means, if you own a house in Dauphin County worth $150,000, you will pay just over a thousand bucks in county taxes.

This proposal leaves room for a two percent pay raise for non-union county employees and $7.6 million that is earmarked to pay down the debt on the Harrisburg incinerator.  That is money the county hopes to avoid paying.  Commissioners think this is a good step during some tough times.

“We’re not here to try to make friends, we’re here to try to do the job the taxpayers sent us to do, and quite frankly, each year, while it becomes more and more challenging, we tend to get down and provide the results and 8 straight years without a tax increase is some proof that we take this job very seriously,” said Commissioner George Hartwick after the November proposal.

Dauphin County leaders have not raised taxes since 2005 when they hit residents with a 19 percent rate hike.  And even though the financial situation looks strong compared to other counties – Commissioner George Hartwick would like to see more cuts and save the county possibly another million dollars.

It remains to be seen if the commissioners will decide on further cuts before this morning’s vote.  That vote is set for 10 a.m. at the Dauphin County building in Harrisburg.  The budget is due by the end of the year.

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