Student Threatens to Shootup Solanco High School

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A Lancaster County high student is arrested after he threatens gun violence similar to Sandy Hook elementary school in Connecticut.  Pennsylvania State Police say the 16-year-old juvenile is a student at Solanco High School, in Quarryville.  State Police were alerted by school officials. The student reportedly threaten to bring a gun to school and that he wanted to be like Sandy Elementary School shooter, Adam Lanza.

State Troopers took the teen into custody without incident today at his Peach Bottom home.  He is being held at the Lancaster County Youth intervention Center.


  • Barb

    I agree with you Marcus, they do need to keep the details out of the press. Plus stop giving the criminals all the publicity.

  • Shannon

    We have 2 children who attend the high school. We were told yesterday what was going around. We kept our children home today and called the school. The answer we got from the principal why we weren’t informed of the situation was because he felt they didn’t have enough evidence to inform the parents. And he can not guarantee the safety of our children on any given day. As parents, we are supposed to feel comfortable with sending our children to school. Well I’m sorry but I do not… This turned out to be more serious than what I was told this morning.

  • linda

    this child should never be let back into any public school he needs to be home schooled, plus get mental health care he definatly is a cra cra

    • D.Ayls

      Home schooled?? You do know the kid that killed all those children was home schooled, or didn't you read that part? Missed a few facts, did you?

    • tammy weaver

      I ha,,ve son in middleschool,,we have lots people down here peachbottom big guns lots drugs eitght mile maryland they go get guns in virgian delaware be back by dinner ,,my nieghbors have bigs guns I've begged the township to get the violent repeat offender oyya there,these a homeles guy lives in sheds down here ,the guy next door has 9 duis,27 domestic vilionce I've told his p,o, he threatend our home and church,all we could get its defient tresspass that it,
      They are ex biker has much guns…

  • babyboysheriff

    The problem these days is that parents can not punish their kids the way we were when we were kids. When I was young and I did some thing wrong my mother punished me that way she felt was appropriate. We didn't have the cops or other people telling us how to raise our kids.

  • Anonymous

    I just graduated from Solanco last June. I can honestly say that there was never a single day that I didn’t feel safe in that school. This has nothing to do with the way we were raised or anything of that nature. This is one kid who wanted attention and I find it extremely hurtful that any parent would criticize the school in any way. The threat has been dealt with in the way that the state police and the school district saw fit, and who are you all to judge them for it? Hindsight is always 20/20 and I ask you all to keep that in mind when thinking of how you may have dealt with the situation. I would walk into that school tomorrow without a trace of fear and with my head held high, because I am proud to be a Mule, regardless of what reputation the media tried to create for us based on the actions of one child.

  • tammy weaver

    We have lots guns down here southerend,kids are afraid my nieghbors ex bikers,lots gun tried get them not let repeat offeneder move back up here from delaware,9 duis, 27 domestic viloince,menaltt,I alled municipale bliuding get renter outt nothing ,only get defiante tresspass order for church and home,were not safe.

  • anonymous

    I agree with everyone who commented. We as parents have our hands tied as to how we handle are children as far as disapline.
    The media does so much harm in giving these people the publicty that they do.
    The southern end does have what it seems, more troubled people. There are many, many wonderful good people who live down there, even those who have fire arms, that out way the bad. I personally have a problem w/assult rifles I see no need to own one. Nickel Mines school shooting was not done with an assult rifle but the end result was just as devaitating and horrific. Effected not only the Amish community but all of us who live here.

  • anonymous

    I do not know why Solanco school district reacted as they did, I am sure they had their reasons, so lets not critize, perhaps they didn't want everyone in a panic.
    I do know that LS sends papers, emails to all families when they have a reporting of even a strange vehicle around bus stops. Perhaps all school districts keep their parents this well informed, not to create panic but to insure the safety of all of our precious children, whether kindergardners or high school students.

  • anonymous

    Laws have to be changed to protect us. We should be able to get help for a child who has emotional problems as well as adults instead of "can't do anything, until they do something" I also will say my brother who had mental illness, bipolar, schizophrenia, (wouldn't have know if you met him) was in Werenersville many times. Than once out would not take his meds. Ran into 15 cars on 222, just ran right into them, luckily no one was hurt or worse. Was found walking down RT 30 with a shot gun, can only imagine what could have happened, luckily it didn't. Finally commited suicide in a church cemetary. Please don't condemn every family who's child or adult does something like this, we did all we could in our power that the law permitted.

  • concerned

    Good keep him there…actually he wants to be a badass copycat …put him in the Lancaster County Prison mayb straighten him out….NEEDS PSYS. HELP…MAYB A MENTAL WARD….WHEN WILL KIDS STOP WANTING TO B SO BIG AND DO STUPID ACTS LIKE THIS…

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