Topic of the day: Banning yoga in schools

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yogaYoga in schools has become a bit of a controversial topic,  as some feel it has religious connotations and shouldn’t be practiced in schools.
However, one district in California is ignoring the complaints and creating what is believed to be one of the most comprehensive yoga programs in the country.

The Encinitas Union School District recently accepted a half million dollar grant from a local yoga studio.  The money will go towards creating a yoga program in all of the district’s nine schools, beginning this January.
Some parents aren’t happy, saying yoga is a spiritual and religious practice, but the district appears to be moving forward with the plan promising they won’t have any chanting or prayers during the practice.

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  • doug

    Some feel this has religious connotations because of prayer..give me a serious break the reason we have violence in schools is because prayer was removed June 25 1962.what is wrong with this picture people when you see more golden arches from a certain rest then Christian crosses we have a major problem..wake up and go back to sleep.

    • Ian

      Perhaps you can explain for all of us, exactly, how not praying can make anyone violent, please, and why so many completely un-religious people like myself are utterly non-violent.

      Then, maybe you can explain why school-sanctioned prayers to the gods should not be prayers to some god in which you do not believe.

      Are you willing to see your allegedly "Christian" child (if there is any such dogmatic belief possible in children) led in a prayer to Vishnu one day, and the Flying Spaghetti Monster the next, and Jesus the next, then Mohammed, etc etc etc?

      If not, maybe you need to be careful what you wish for. You are not in a country with only one belief. This is America, and it is a gathering, not a tribe — love it or leave it.

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