York Police Launch Internal Probe into City Student’s Injuries

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York City Police launch an internal review of use of force after an incident involving the arrest and injury of a Lindbergh Academy student on Monday.  Officers were called to the school just before 2 o’clock Monday afternoon to assist in the removal of two male and one female student from school grounds.  The three students were suspended and were asked to leave by staff but had refused to leave school property.

When officers arrived the two male students left without resistance. The female, identified as 16-year-old Cierra Handy refused and became combative by kicking and trying to bite the two officers  attempting to take her into custody. During the struggle Handy suffered a wound above one eye. She was taken to York Hospital for treatment. She was later charged with various criminal offenses.

Handy’s family is reportedly accusing police of using excessive force against her. A photo of a badly bruised Handy is circulating on social media.


York City Police says it is currently conducting an internal investigation to determine what occurred to cause the injury.   In a release the Department says, “We will not comment or speculate on what did or did not occur until all the facts have been identified. We ask that the public wait for the facts to be uncovered before coming to a conclusion as to what occurred with this arrest.”


  • Bobby

    Yeah, they'll find alot, note the sarcasm. they're just doing this to apease the public, they won't find anything; they're nothing but a bunch of crooks.

    • george

      Maybe if she left she would be fine. But she is a typical York City low life and acted like a thug and got what she deserved.

    • beverly

      if she would have been conducting herself proper the she wouldnt have been asked to leave the school grounds to begin with. not to mention that the cops would not have had to be called. act like a punk, get treated like a punk. stop letting kids think they can do whatever they want and get away with it.

      • Rebecca

        Their not telling the whole story . They will only tell you bits and pieces of the story . The school should of called her mother since she is a minor so they handled that wrong in the first place . The police shouldn’t of had a female in a room by themselves with male officers so they ain’t handle it correctly . They can go put their hands on a female but still not out here finding out who is killing people . THE POLICE AND THE SCHOOL WAS WRONG !

  • Silk 5

    Males hitting females, shouldn't matter if they are police or not, If the three of them couldn't use their training to control the situation. Then either there training has failed or they need to find diffrent jobs. What makes it ok because there cops to hit a female. INGORANCE towards "city life" won't help you cover up the fact the POLICE were wrong. Not everyone from the 'city" Thinks their a thug. OPEN up your minds to the real subjuct. And don't focus so much on where the incident occured. Everything isn't perfect just because you don't live directly in the city.

  • Bev

    I live in the city. I grew up in the city. I went to school and then on to college. I still think if you act like a punk you get treated like a punk no matter where you live. And we dont know if her parents were called or not. The article doesnt say. Most parents in any schools anymore just dont care what kids do.

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