The End of the World Looming; Or is It?

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In less than 24 hours some people believe the world will come to an end, as the Mayan calendar ends.  Lebanon Valley College Assistant Professor of Religion, Matthew Sayers, told FOX43 numbers such as three and seven give people a sense of control or certainty about what is to come because of the interpretation that is applied to them.  When it comes to 12/21/12 it is no different.  The question being proposed is what does this all mean and what will happen if the world does indeed end.  Sayer says no one really knows.

“This is merely a calendar,” said Sayers.  “It doesn’t have interpretation. It doesn’t have explanations. There’s not a dot, dot, dot. There’s not a sort of here’s what’s gonna come.”

Some people have stocked up on gas masks and made bomb shelters, preparing for the worst.  Others told FOX43 they’re confident tomorrow will be just another day.

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