Topic of the day: Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?

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regiftMerry Christmas or happy holidays?

A new survey shows 68 % of people prefer the traditional Merry Christmas, while 23% said they would rather hear Happy Holidays.
When it comes to shopping, 70% of shopper say they’d rather get a Merry Christmas greeting when walking in a store.
The “War on Christmas” has definitely been a big buzz over the past for years, with Christmas trees replaced with holiday trees, nativity scenes cancelled or songs altered in the classrooms, but as this new poll shows most people are on the side of Christmas.

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  • MShirey

    It will always be Merry Christmas for me. Despite the grumblings of a small group of people, Jesus IS the reason for this season. How sad for anyone to think differently.

  • grace

    Its all in the word Christ Mass. That is why it should be merry Christmas because it is a celebration of the birth of Christ. Period

  • rachel

    I wouldnt be offended if someone wished me happy haunaka (i know this spelling is wrong~lol) or happy kwanza or happy whatever day they are celebrating… i would smile and say thanks-same to you. why should christmas be any different???? MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

  • Tammy

    I prefer Merry Christmas n am proud to say just that, if other what their rights don't try taking away mine!……… Christ is after all the reason for the holiday!

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