Police Charge McCaskey East Student for School Shooting Text “Joke”

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Lancaster Police weren’t amused by a prank text sent by a McCaskey East.   This morning a  Lampeter-Strasburg High School student was texted by the McCaskey East student about a shooting inside the school.  The LS student texted back wanting to know if it was a joke. The McCaskey student indicated that it was not.  The LS student contacted Lampeter-Strasburg school officials about the text and revealed the identity of the texting student.  LS officials then contacted School District of Lancaster officials, who in turn contacted School Resources Officer David Shell.

The McCaskey East student was interviewed by school staff and Officer Shell.  The student admitted to sending the text as a joke.  School district officials nor Officer Shell found nothing humorous about the so-called joke. The student, after consultation by police with the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office, faces a charge of Disorderly Conduct, a 3rd degree Misdemeanor.  The case is being sent to Lancaster County Juvenile Probation.