Trooper saved by bulletproof vest in Blair County shooting incident that leaves 4 dead, DA says

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Three troopers were hurt during a shooting incident in Blair County that left four people dead, said District Attorney Rich Consiglio.

The crime scene extends along at least six miles of Juniata Valley Road, which runs along the Juniata River, said Steve Michelone of Blair County Emergency Management Agency.

Investigators believe the shooter might have been mobile as he drove along, shooting his vctims for unknown reasons, Michelone said.

One of the dead was the shooter who got into a confrontation with police on the road, near Geeseytown, Frankstown Township, Consiglio said.

None of the troopers‘ injuries are life-threatening, the DA said.

One was struck by glass after a bullet shattered the window of his police vehicle during the shootout, Consiglio said.

Trooper Adam Reed told the Associated Press that one trooper was shot but saved by his bulletproof vest.

Blair County Emergency Management‘s Facebook page indicates police had “neutralized” the shooter.

No further information is available.

A media briefing is expected this afternoon from state police spokesmen at the Geeseytown Fire Hall near Hollidaysburg.

Source: Tribune-Review


  • 2nd Amendment

    Taking guns away isn't going to stop criminals from getting their hands on weapons. In fact the laws kept the gunman at Sandyhook from buying a gun, however he killed his own mother to get a gun illegally. Luckily the police were armed, and ended this situation. Banning guns is only going to keep them out of the hands of law abiding citizens. I love my right to have a concealed weapon permit. So if someone attacks me or my family (whether it be with a gun, a knife, or a bat) I will be able to protect them. I know without a gun, being a young woman, I wouldn't be able to win a fight against a man (especially if he had ANY kind of weapon). I praise the police who handled this situation very well, and I'm glad the police can go home their families tonight.

  • Nightofhunters

    I can say the same about women getting abortions. Women are gonna find a way to get them so banning abortion won't help. See how that works gun nuts?

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