Navy SEAL from Pottstown dies in Afghanistan

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On Sunday, The Department of Defense announced the death of a sailor, while supporting Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.
42 year old Cdr. Job W. Price, of Pottstown, Pa., died Dec. 22 from a non-combat related injury while supporting stability operations in Uruzgan Province, Afghanistan. Price was assigned to an East Coast-based Naval Special Warfare unit in Virginia Beach, Va.

Price’s death was discovered after he failed to show up for work. It appears to be the result of a suicide. The incident is currently under investigation.

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  • anonymous2

    Tragic & many condolences to this soldiers family! With that said…. how is it that the US Govt can commit murders all day long, any day of the week, without question & on the orders of the recipient of the NOBEL PEACE Prize recipient (who incidentally didn't earn it) usurper of a President can consistently send American citizens to their untimely deaths and everyone considers this "Patriotism"….??? Hmmm??? A rather interesting perspective indeed… Barack Obama sends hundreds of thousands of innocent American's to their deaths to advance the govt's agenda of protecting America's interest in the oil fields of Iraq & the opium fields of Afghanistan, as well as pushing his anti-gun & ILLEGAL "Operation Fast & Furious" gun running of American guns falling into the hands of Mexican drug cartels through the ILLEGAL purchase of said weaponry through Eric Holder's orders to the ATF to ignore the ILLEGAL straw purchases of "Assault Weapons" – which by the way, if ANY gun is used to assault anybody, shouldn't it be considered an "ASSAULT WEAPON"? Or isn't it black enought? Isn't it menacing looking enough for you freakin' Libtards??
    I find it both insulting & absolutely disgusting that this govt. can send our citizens to their deaths every single fukn day & nobody questions it, but they do call them "Patriots" and in the same breath, call to disarm the American citizenry to disarm so that we have no way of defending ourselves agains this tryrranical govt!! Hypocrisy at it's finest!!
    by the way… I heard that Eric Holder is especially against these supposed "ASSAULT RIFLES" because they are black & menacing looking, which of course, he finds racially motivated. So that must explain the constant assault on the AR-15, huh? They're black & it's your typical "white cracker who owns them" so it must be a racist issue!! By the way… those are "his words, not mine!"

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