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York County third grader surprises needy families with Christmas gifts

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A nine-year-old girl made a huge donation to several families at Our Daily Bread soup kitchen in York Tuesday morning.

When you first meet Brianna Potter, she seems like a typical third grader.

Like many kids her age, she sat down earlier this month to write her yearly letter to Santa. When her grandma went to mail it, she found the only thing Brianna asked for was clothing for poor and homeless families at the soup kitchen.

“She is the sweetest little girl in the whole world. I asked her if she wanted to write a letter for herself for Santa Claus and she said, ‘No Nana, I have enough things,'” said Kathleen Beaverson, Brianna’s grandma.

“I have a lot of stuff, and they don’t get a lot of presents for Christmas,” Brianna said.

On Christmas morning when many kids Brianna’s age were unwrapping their gifts at home, she took on the role of Santa for children who didn’t wake up to presents under the tree.

“I wasn’t expecting to see the gifts. I know my son, he’ll enjoy it. Puts a smile on my face,” said Shaun Farver, who received one of the gifts.

Brianna handed out a total of 45 sweaters and lots of toys to stunned and overjoyed children of all ages.

Although the Christmas season is coming to a close, Brianna’s just getting started.

“I just thought it would be nice. I wish I could help them more,” she said.


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