Can you be too sexy for the office? Iowa Supreme Court says yes

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melissa knight

Melissa Knight, a dental assistant, is suing the Iowa Supreme Court after it ruled that her employer was legally allowed to fire her for being too attractive for the workplace.

The Iowa Supreme Court justices are being sued after ruling that a woman could be fired from her job for being too attractive for the workplace.

James Knight, a dentist, fired his assistant, Melissa Nelson, on the grounds of being too good-looking. Knight’s wife was concerned about Nelson’s appearance, apparently fearing that she was a threat to the Knights’ marriage.

When the case was taken to the Iowa Supreme Court, the all-male panel said it was lawful for employers to lay off workers if they are “irresistibly attractive,” even if there is no job-related reason to terminate them.

Nelson has now filed a lawsuit for gender discrimination. She says the panel would not have made the same decision if she was a male.

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