Getting Fit on Vacation

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Get Fit – the TRX bandThis picture of Chris working out on the TRX straps at Phases cracks me up!  It’s exactly how all three of us felt during our “travel-friendly” workout. We used this contraption called TRX – a suspension training system that you can easily pack and throw in your luggage.  Set it up on your hotel room door and you’re ready for a full body workout.  Kiersten and I were really surprised that our heart rate stayed up throughout the entire 60 minute workout.  Resistance training and cardio at once?!  Sign me up!

Here’s more information on TRX.  Our trainers at Phases also said you can pick up some resistance bands at your local sports store and bring those along with you.  They are even lighter than the TRX! 

Enjoy the burn!

– C

PS – I also like to search youtube when I’m traveling – there are so many great exercise videos!  That’s definitely budget friendly fitness!

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  • Claudette Croix

    That’s actually not a bad idea at all. Going on vacation shouldn’t be an excuse not to keep in shape.

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