Preparations in Gear For Storm Set to Arrive Saturday

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The third storm of the week is just hours away. PENNDOT is ready and people are headed out to the store to stock up on the essentials. This week a much different scene from last winter. PENNDOT not even having to pre-treat the roads because they are already covered in salt from the first two storms of the week. PENNDOT says they will have dozens of trucks out on the road by four Saturday morning. They are reminding people to leave room for plows to do their jobs on the road.

“ The front of these vehicles do extend into the other lanes or the shoulder, so if you’re trying to pass, you would encounter that. So we just ask that you stay back and allow our crews to treat the roadways and get to where you’re going safely,” says Mike Crochunis, PENNDOT Spokesperson

Over at the Wegmans in Mechanicsburg milk and water were running low as people stopped to stock up for the weekend. With the Holiday on Tuesday, and the impending storm, the manager there says they have been busy all day. Luckily, if you haven’t done your shopping yet, they are open 24 hours.