Second sinkhole forms on Harrisburg’s 4th Street, homes evacuated

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A second sinkhole on 4th street in Harrisburg collapsed around 11 p.m. Monday night, resulting in the loss of water, gas and sewer services to the neighborhood.

Due to the prolonged loss of these utilities, the city’s Department of Public Works is recommending the immediate evacuation of affected residences at addresses 2102 to 2163 N.4th Street. A temporary emergency shelter, located at Pine Street Presbyterian Church, 234 South St. Harrisburg, PA, has been provided by the American Red Cross.

The problems began Monday morning when a city trash truck hit the first sinkhole. It took until about 3:30 p.m. to get it out.

Neighbors in the area said as the second sinkhole formed Monday night, it felt like an earthquake.

“And, we discovered there’s a missing sewer pipe, a maybe 90-year-old sewer pipe that had eroded and collapsed underneath it,” City spokesman Bob Philbin said Tuesday.

Some residents said they were frustrated with the city’s handling of infrastructure issues.

“How you want to have people giving money to the government out of their taxes if you’re not fixing stuff right. Explain that to everyone who lives in Harrisburg now,” said Amanda Vogel, who lives in the neighborhood.

Philbin acknowledged money is tight not just in the Capital City but in communities around the country. He said crews had inspected the rest of the impacted roadway and did not see any other issues.

City officials warned residents it could be a week before things are back to normal.

City and UGI crews continued to work Tuesday. Philbin said crews planned to install new utility connection to each house.

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