Pennsylvania Senators make statements on Fiscal Cliff deal

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Pennsylvania’s Senators each issued statements regarding the ‘Fiscal Cliff’ deal brokered in the wee hours New Year’s Day.

Senator Bob Casey (D-PA), Chairman of the Joint Economic Committee, said “While this deal is far from perfect, the Senate took the appropriate steps to protect the middle class and keep in place common sense measures – like the earned income tax credit and unemployment insurance – that will help keep the economy on track. I am hopeful that the House will do the same.  While we may have avoided some of the immediate catastrophic consequences of the fiscal cliff, there is much more work to be done.  Moving forward, Republicans and Democrats need to come together to reduce the deficit in smart and responsible ways that protect working families and continue to create jobs.”

Senator Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) this morning issued the following statement on the fiscal cliff: “One of my top priorities since coming to Congress has been to pursue policies that maximize economic growth and job creation.  Lower taxes do both.  Consistent with this commitment, today, I voted to protect 99 percent of taxpayers from a large tax increase. In addition, we made this tax relief permanent, thereby establishing the predictability necessary to promote economic growth and job creation. Neither side got everything it wanted in this deal.  I had to accept provisions I did not like – my preference would have been to avoid higher taxes for all Americans. But I believe this legislation is the best we could do for taxpayers and job seekers in Pennsylvania.”


  • matt

    socialism makes more poor people and reduces the middle class. Always has and always will. It;s an evil system

  • CEH

    We have very few patriotic and bold statesmen as our leaders in Washington. The fiscal and social conditions are a mess as evidenced by the financial debt nightmare that is imminent. The social meltdown has now reached its critical mass with out-of-control people killing each other on a scale never seen before. Self-control and respect for life has been marginalized by a drug crazed society.

    Americans just will not admit this is totally due to liberal policies of the last 40 years. Their secularist’s dogma promotes abortion on demand, excused teenage sexuality, opposed school prayer, and diminished traditional American values and destruction of the family. Divorce is rampant; Fatherless homes are everywhere. Parents are legally drugging their children to deal with the trauma of divorce, technology, violent TV and video games. The Constitution is considered an ancient document that has little contemporary relevance. And voters continue to elect and re-elect leaders that willingly take us down this road to fiscal and social Armageddon.

    Can anyone deny what is happening and why?

  • Western PAVoter

    In an email to Senator Toomey this AM:

    I am writing today to let you know I will not vote to re-elect you. I previously wrote to you informing you that if you raised taxes and increased spending, I would vote you out. Last night you chose to ignore this warning, chose to not lead or listen to Conservative leadership in focusing on our nation's debt crisis or needed private sector job growth. Your choice of "Yea" to Senate vote #251 will neither create private sector jobs nor address our historical and destructive national debt; your campaigned purpose. In your remaining time in office, please cease from approving legislation that further increases taxes or does not address reduced spending. I did not send you in there to make “a deal”, I sent you in there to Stand for what you ran on to earn my vote.

  • Jim of PA

    I will be campaigning in the next voting cycle not to re-elect Sen Toomey after this debacle. To state he is with the Club for Growth and a Conservative, he gave up on principles to vote with the high majority on this bill. To give credits for the entertainment industry as part of a bill shows he understands the political term logrolling and now part of the problem. This adds 4 Trillion to the debt and now pushes the bills to our children, no longer just to our grandchildren.

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